Focus 1-2-3 Cards

Focus 1-2-3 Cards

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Elevate Your Learning Environment with 24 quick Mini-Break Activities

Movement and learning are inherently linked as physical activity has been shown to stimulate brain function and enhance cognitive abilities. By incorporating movement-based activities into the learning environment, students not only engage their bodies but also activate different areas of their brains, leading to improved focus, retention, and overall academic performance.

Ignite the potential of your students with curated practices derived from neuroscience, mindfulness, active learning, occupational therapy, brain-based learning and infused with genuine care!

These playful activities fit into any lesson plan anytime to: 

  • Create positive environments for learning  
  • Support diverse learners and the whole child
  • Develop lifelong habits to improve energy and learning

In just 5 minutes or less transform your students from:

•Fidgets to FOCUSED

•Antsy to ALERT,

•Dazed to ENGAGED,

•Blah to BEST!

Focus 1-2-3 is your go-to collection of 24, durable, glossy, ring bound 4" by 6" color-coded cards.  Each card features easy to implement 1-5 minute energy shifting strategies to practice, teach and implement self-awareness and self-management social emotional learning skills to bring out the best in your classroom an enjoy teaching more!



It's as easy as:

1. Pick a Card

2. Read & Lead

3. Create a Learning Mindset!


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