Ruth Beauchamp


Ruth was a critical component of my successful jump from a career in government to the private sector. Her knowledge of both sectors allowed us to work together to develop the tools to target specific positions in my desired industry, submit well crafted packages, and then prepare for interviews. The result was a position with a salary significantly beyond what I was targeting. I highly recommend Ruth and her expertise." - Bradley J., PhD. - Coaching Client - 

"Ruth is a phenomenal Career Development Professional to work with. She is fun, patient, informative and with the YouScience test we had great conversations about career possibilities that match my aptitudes, skills, desires, and experience. After I chose some paths, she helped me to build my best career possibilities by educating me how to convey my talents and experience in relevant resumes and LinkedIn profile management. Thank you, Ruthie, it has been a pleasure working with you!"Brian H. - Coaching Client -
"Working with Ruth was a pleasure! She was informative, engaged, and helpful in a time that was very uncertain for me. I appreciated her understanding and compassion while helping me navigate a potentially huge transition in my career and my life overall. Highly recommend!!" -Jordan D. -  Coaching Client -
"Ruthie is an amazingly compassionate person who stimulates growth and inspiration while providing practical resources and feedback. I truly appreciated that time and efforts she put into the process of helping me to put my best foot forward in a glutted job market. The YouScience assessment, that is included, was unlike any other test I have ever taken and will be a great resource for years to come. I highly recommend choosing Ruthie to help you through updating and adapting your new professional resume and LinkedIn profile. Thank you, Ruthie!" -Katherine H. - Coaching Client -
"I was really blessed to work with Ruth.  I was at a professional crossroads and needed a new direction.   With Ruth’s incredibly skilled and insightful help, I found that new direction and -thanks to her coaching- had the confidence to pursue it!  Thanks so much, Ruth!  What a life changing gift you have." -Allison P. - Coaching Client -
"Just wanted to let you know I got a job! The hiring manager had complimented the resume so it was a great asset. Thanks for your help!" - Ali W. - Coaching Client -
"I sought out Ruth's help as my career of fifteen years in education was coming to an end. My options felt wide-open, but real action steps seemed elusive! Ruth took a very holistic career coaching approach with me, which gave me detailed insights about myself as a person and as a professional. With discernment and clarity, she helped me process vital test results, and look at several possible "next steps", all while allowing me to set my own pace throughout the process, which was exactly what I needed from her. I recommend Ruth wholeheartedly!" - Kari N. - Coaching Client -
"I got such good advice and would not hesitate to recommend Ruth. I felt a lot more positive about my job search thanks to her insight about working in Colorado after having moved here from out of state.  The YouScience platform used was really interesting and was so helpful in naming my strengths and what careers they could lead to." - Katie O. - Coaching Client -
"I've felt lost sometimes in the sea of opportunities. Ruth really helped me get clarity to set a course." -  Jim C. - Coaching Client -
"Ruthie provided me with timely feedback and results from YouScience.  She helped me navigate and understand while also providing me with very insightful analysis of potential career paths." - Claude T. - Coaching Client -
"Ruth offered me the necessary support to grow as a novice professional.  The feedback, coaching and emotional support she offered continues to impact my work today."  - Diana Wilmot, Chief Academic Officer/Principal, Yavneh Day School - Coaching Client - 


 "I look forward to Ruth's wise counsel on projects, processes and strategy because she is, simply, the best!  She listens with intention, develops clear steps, asks 'what if?' throughout the process while keeping everyone and everything on track.  Her creativity and visionary outlook defines, invests and produces extraordinary results!"  - Linda Sollars, President, Creating Purpose -
"Ruth is a remarkable person, with whom I have known in her role as a leadership team member with Pursuits Coaching. Ruth's warm and genuine support with the team, as well as her expertise in areas of curriculum and program design have been of great value to our organization."  - Sharla Macy, CEO, Pursuits Coaching -
"Ruth is a professional who understands how people work together. She combines skill, expertise and diligence.  I have been pleased with Ruth's contributions during our demos and certifications of our Rolestorming creativity tool.  She is loyal, courageous and resourceful.  When Ms. Beauchamp is on your team you will make leaps in the direction of your mission and vision."  - Rick Griggs, Founder of Griggs Achievement -
"Ruth provided invaluable assistance in creating a year-long lesson plan curriculum for training heroes, leaders and champions in middle school.  She offered extensive insight, experience, and skilled writing contribution,  I highly recommend her services."  - Diana Thompson, Speaker, Author, Educator -
"Ruth is an outstanding professional with high integrity.  She brings multiple talents to her work from a broad base of experiences.  She is a collaborator, contributor and leader at the same time.  She is a creative thinker herself and within a group, she helps keep intentions clear and unifies ideas."  - Marney Cox, Associate Program Director, Santa Crus/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project -
"Ruthie is an excellent collaborator who identifies problems and works to solve them by encouraging input from others with additional expertise.  She sets manageable goals and works efficiently within timelines to achieve them.  Always eager to contribute and initiate new ideas, Ruthie is an engaged and committed leader."  - Andrea Whittaker, Director, Teacher Performance and Assessment, Stanford University - 
"Ruth is thoughtful in her work and always prioritized teacher well-being and student success (both academically and emotionally).  She cares deeply about social emotional learning- this carries through in all her work.  She is conscientious and methodical with tasks and projects and has been a valuable asset to The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation."  - Brooke Jones, Vice President, Random Acts of Kindness Foundation -
"Ruth's facilitation is excellent.  I like the balance between discussion of resources and themes and individual and group interaction.  I also appreciate the empathy Ruth has and how she really cares about us." - Tara T., Mentoring Circle Participant -
"Ruth delivers excellent content, is a great collaborator, and understands needs based programing.  Her presentations are encouraging and well prepared and her sense of professionalism adds greatly to our mutual projects."  - Rich Feller, Ph.D. NCDA Past President -
"Thank you, Ruthie for creating the warm, welcoming, supportive environment to discuss some tough topics and be genuine with one another."- Ally B., Mentoring Circle Participant -
"Ruth is a focused and knowledgeable professional educator and trainer with a caring and friendly approach in her work.  Ruth's background in social and emotional learning is evident in her well-rounded approach to helping others achieve and succeed.  I am grateful for Ruth's ability to adapt to the needs of audiences when doing trainings and presentations.  She is responsive, client focused and always willing to help with clear processes and practices for educators to feel successful in their professional development.  I also appreciate Ruth's kind hearted support of her colleagues and team members." - Marilyn Decalo, Education Director, The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation -
"I loved Ruth's gentle, directed guidance with plenty of chances for self-reflection and also networking." - Christine O., Mentoring Circle Participant -
"Ruth is an enthusiastic supporter of active learning and the need for a holistic approach to education.  She is a great facilitator and presenter who can help schools and organizations create a climate for learning that is safe, healthy and kind."  - Martha Harris, CEO, Fizika -
"I valued Ruthie's vision for the entirety of the circles and all the activities we did. She set all up to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable!  It was really perfect." - Monique R., Mentoring Circle Participant -
"Ruth is a dedicated trainer who is both professional and relational.  She draws out the best in people to motivate them to succeed.  I have collaborated with Ruth on a number of projects and have found her to be an exceptional listener, responsive to clients and committed to excellence.  She has the unique combination of being a strategic thinker with an eye for detail."  - Sue Erickson, Employee Engagement Director, Thrive -
“Mentoring Circles are artfully facilitated to strike the just-right balance between structured and unstructured time.  By this, I mean that I feel like we cover certain important agenda topics, but that we are also allowed plenty of space to explore, reflect, discuss and share in an organic way.  I know this balance is not an easy thing to accomplish - the sessions are not so busy and jam-packed with information, and on the flip-side, they are not a free-for-all for open sharing and unproductive dialog.  To me they have been a just right blend in the middle, and a very valuable use of my time.” - A.P. Mentoring Circle Participant -
"Ruth is a highly skilled facilitator and leader.  She is organized, efficient, and focused.  Ruth has excellent people skills, she is a good listener, she is fair and she follows through."  - Laura Hubbard, President at Principal Coaching -
"I appreciated Ruth's facilitation with the thoughtful exercises that enabled self-reflection and connection with others. - Rachel P., Mentoring Circle Participant -
"Ruthie is a wonderful facilitator, trainer and leader.  She collaborates well and meets the diverse needs of audiences." - Kristin Stout, Director of Professional Development and Curriculum, Sequoia Union High School District -
"Ruth is an excellent trainer.  She is empathetic, innovative and articulate."  - Margarita Contreras-Navarro, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services, MVLA -
"I really appreciated Ruth's facilitation style and demeanor, as it made me feel immediately comfortable sharing my ideas and experiences. I liked the mix of discussion (including in pairs) and activities. I also liked how organized things were, with the agenda sent out in advance, the meeting itself has a clear structure, and the follow-up email." - Tara T., Mentoring Circle Participant -
"Ruth had great energy and helped us come to our own solution within 90 minutes."  - BV, Mediation Client -
"During our mediation with Ruth, we realized we had more in common than not.  This helped us reach an agreement we both could live with."  - Karen, Mediation Client -
"We went from calling the police on each other to 'hugging it out.'  Ruth kept calm and kept us focused on our common interests." - Kraig, Mediation Client -

Focus 1-2-3


"Focus 1-2-3 helps to maximize instructional minutes." - Rebecca Vyduna, Elementary School Principal -

Focus 1-2-3 provides a breathing space in the midst of our busy school days, one of those “Ahhhh!” moments that allows everyone, teacher and students, to regroup and return to the natural state of calm focus." - Kathie Welch, Kindergarten Teacher-
Focus 1-2-3 helps students channel their natural energy peaks and valleys in quick and creative ways that foster thinking and learning!"   - Jennifer Mann, High School Teacher -