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Resume Support & Development

I specialize in guiding clients through a collaborative journey grounded in Positive Psychology, utilizing  tools to uncover strengths, create empowering professional narratives and navigate career paths with confidence.

Join me in this collaborative journey!

We will explore with proven tools including:

YouScience  - Aptitude and Interest Assessment - a deep dive into strengths and career capability.

Individualized Career Consulting Comprehensive career identification and career change counseling.

Resume - Cover Letter - Interview Preparation - Professional LinkedIn Profile

In my Career Development and Change Counseling, I serve remote clients worldwide offering specialized support to:

  • Career Changers
  • Young professionals seeking direction
  • Teens (ages 14+) jumpstarting their career to save time and money
  • College students in need of a course correction
  • "Soon to retire" individuals seeking their next adventure
  • Anyone interested in applying their skills and talents in a new arena

    Tailored Packages and Offerings:  Explore several packages and 'a la carte' options inspired by Colorado mountain peaks.  Click on the price next to the name to make a selection. 


    Castle Peak Package - $697.00

    Ideal for job and career changers, this is a comprehensive package. Approx. 10-14 hour commitment on your part. Payment Plans Available.  Includes:

      • Access to YouScience Strengths & Aptitude Assessment
      • Engaging Career Design Exercises
      • Dedicated Job Search & Networking Support
      • Crafting a "Base" Resume
      • Developing a Targeted - Job Specific ATS-Friendly Resume
      • Cover Letter Resource Template
      • Targeted - Job Specific Cover Letter
      • Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile
      • Expert Interview Guidance & Preparation
      • Communication Templates for Effective Networking
      • 4-6 Collaboration sessions focused on:
        • Understanding your YouScience results
        • Refining your 'career narrative'
        • Determining the best language to talk about yourself
        • Identifying top career choices and job matches
        • Practicing skills needed to revise and customize application materials
        • Defining, refining and planning next steps

        Grays Peak Package - $397.00

        Perfect for those early in their careers, including high school and college students. Approx. 4-6 hour commitment on your part. Payment Plans Available. This package offers:

        • Access to YouScience Strengths & Aptitude Assessment
        • Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile
        • Crafting a "Base" Resume
        • 1-2 Collaboration sessions focusing on 
          • Understanding and connecting with your YouScience results
          • Developing and polishing your 'career narrative'
          • Determining the best language to talk about yourself 
          • Identifying top degree or career choices
          • Planning your next steps


          Rush and 'a la carte' offerings available. Explore options including:


          Degrees, Coaching Credentials & Certifications

          Masters in Organizational Leadership and certifications and credentials: Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), Certified Career Service Provider (CCSP), Holistic Narrative Career Professional (HNCP), Job & Career Development Coach (JCDC)/Job & Career Transition Coach (JCTC), One Life Tools, Cognitive Coaching

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