Staff Development & Training

Virtual Employee Engagement Activity

Supporting Your Group's Growth Through Purposeful Training Solutions


If you are exploring ways to enhance your team's development or boost employee engagement, consider partnering with me.  I specialize in facilitating effective staff development and training experiences with a expertise in adult learning for positive, uplifting, impactful and memorable sessions.


Engaging Employee Activities | Tailored Workshops | Meaningful Staff Development & Training

Are you in search of adult programming that resonates authentically?  Explore the benefits of my proven Oranda's Teaching and Learning Design, where engagement meets retention. Collaborating with content experts and instructional designers, I craft personalized training for both small and large groups for virtual, online, hybrid and in-person venues. With a track record of training over 10K adult learners since 2000, participants consistently value the impact of Oranda's Teaching and Learning Designs, processes and methodologies.


Guiding Reflection and Implementation

Empower your audience to seamlessly implement new learnings. Partner with me to create playbooks, workbooks or journals that complement your content, fostering reflection and successful application of newfound knowledge. 


Fostering Connection and Excellence | Peer Group Facilitation

Whether it's team building, staff development, employee resource groups, professional circles, or communities of practice, I specialize in bringing out the best in people. My approach addresses our human needs and the holistic person in the work environment, resulting in connection, resilience, sense of community, and greater collaboration, performance, retention and job satisfaction.

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