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Focus 1-2-3 playfully supports desired behavior by allowing children to move, fidget or wiggle in a positive and productive way. Children pick and lead activities, which provide choice and opportunities to practice leadership skills and SEL strategies.


What educators say about Focus 1-2-3:

"From the moment I saw Focus 1-2-3 I fell in love with it! So easy for teachers to use to help focus their students!" Rachael Krimkowitz, Special Education Administrator

"Focus 1-2-3 provides a breathing space in the midst of our busy school days, one of those “Ahhhh!” moments that allows everyone, teacher and students, to regroup and return to the natural state of calm focus." Kathie Welch, Kindergarten Teacher
"As a teacher I appreciate having another way to help students regain their focus in a fun and engaging way." Doug Edwards, Second Grade Teacher
"I love using Focus 1-2-3 in my kindergarten classroom. It is a fun way to give the kids a little break and refocus them for our next activity. All teachers should have this great tool in their classroom!" Angelique Schuppek, Kindergarten Teacher
"I love the cards.  The kids are receptive and they work!" Tiffany Karow, High School Teacher
"Focus 1-2-3 helps students channel their natural energy peaks and valleys in quick and creative ways that foster thinking and learning!"Jennifer Mann, High School Teacher
"Focus 1-2-3 helps to maximize instructional minutes."Rebecca Vyduna, Elementary School Principal


What students say about Focus 1-2-3:

"Focus 1-2-3 helps me stretch and when I’m tired
on the carpet in class, it wakes me up.”Ella, age 6
"I like Focus 1-2-3 because it calms me down and makes me smile." Maggie, age 6




What families say about Focus 1-2-3:

 "Focus 1-2-3 has been fantastic for my older daughter. She's in 2nd grade and struggles to finish her homework in one sitting. We take a break with her choice of activity. She reads, then follows the directions - and her younger sister (grade K) joins in. It's made such a difference and she looks forward to picking a card for her homework on a daily basis!" Amy Davidson, Mom
"I have a kindergartner who has been showing signs of attention deficit (she is only 5) so we have been using Focus 1-2-3 at home and what a help it has turned out to be for her. When we are doing her homework and even things around the house we use our cards to get her focused and engaged on the task at hand. It has proved to be the most useful tool we have come across. I also use it when my kids are arguing - it really helps to break things up and calm them down. I am a huge Focus 1-2-3 fan!"Victoria Gangi, Mom

What experts say about Focus 1-2-3:

"If you want your classroom to be healthy, happy, and productive...this is the product for you! Focus 1-2-3 will change your experience as a teacher and your students’ experience as a learner!" Heather Criswell, Educational Consultant and Founder, WiseInside
"Children need to move! Not just for the sake of their physical selves, but also their social emotional and cognitive development. Focus 1-2-3 is smart, effective and necessary."Rae Pica, Early Childhood Educator, Founder, Moving and Learning
“For teachers who are making nearly as many moment to moment decisions as air traffic controllers, Focus 1-2-3 encourages them to bring their awareness to the energy level of the class in an open and curious way and then feel empowered to have practical, easy and fun card activities to bring the classroom energy level together and create greater connections and cohesiveness within the classroom.” Rochelle McLaughlin, MS, OTR/L, Mindfulness-Based Occupational Therapy, Stanford Hospital
“The latest neuroscience research proves that children and grown-ups alike need to keep moving regularly throughout the day in order to think effectively. It’s not enough to work out once a day to keep the body and brain healthy. Focus 1-2-3 keeps students moving all day long, keeping their brains well oxygenated for better learning.” Betsy Burroughs, President, FocusCatalyst, Innovation Consultancy

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Select Districts:  Los Angeles Unified School District, Las Cruces School District, Dripping Springs School District, Kern County Office of Education, Marquette Public Schools, Fullerton State University, Portola Valley School District, California State University Los Angeles, Mesquite Independent School District,  South San Francisco School District,  Jefferson Parish Public Schools, Houston Independent School District, Yellowknife Education District

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Grow Your Own

Discuss with students how they calm down, wake up or gear up in their own lives. Develop their ideas onto 4” by 6” cards and add to the group to build community ‘norms’ for how the class manages its mood for learning.

Upload your Focus 1-2-3 activities on our FaceBook page to grow and build a larger bank of strategies that refresh, refocus and recharge us all. Each class will get credit when its card is chosen for future publication!

Here are some examples: