Who's Who? Me!


When I was in college I was introduced to the Who's Who book collection in my college library.  I loved them!  I have always enjoyed learning about other's stories and the contributions of others unique to the time and place in which they lived.

All that to say, in the fall of 2023, I was delighted tor receive and invitation to apply to be a part of the Who's Who 125 year anniversary edition. This invitation included being a part of their 2024 book and a press release for a fee.

Being transparent here. There is no fee to be a part of the book, however, there are fees for the additional media and publication options. They are a business, after all.

In my mind, my business was due for another press release and I saw THAT as an investment in me. As well, I was aware that my ego was involved in this decision.

Here is what they wrote, but moreover, I look forward to being a part of their 2024 book edition and perhaps 30 or so or more years from now, another kindred spirit will enjoy reading about me in their college library, as I once enjoyed reading about others during my college days.

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