Summer Career and College Boot Camp in Fort Collins!

12th Graders:  Get Ahead on Your College Essays and Applications!

Most students spend 30-40 hours on their essays & college applications. Help your student get a head start on their college application pieces before the chaos of Senior year, - filled with sports, activities and intense homework!  This boot camp will reduce stress and help improve outcomes!

What:  Receive Guidance, Tools, & Templates for the College Essay, Academic-Activity Resume, Letter of Recommendation Requests & tips for completing The Common Application.

When:  Monday August 6th – Thursday August 9th           Time:  10:00-12:30
Day 1:  Academic-Activity Resumes, Letter of Recommendations Requests & Essay Warm -Up Exercises
Day 2:  Essay Essentials, Tips, Prompts, Brainstorming, & Topic Selection
Day 3: Work on essays; feedback provided (verbal and written)
Day 4:  Continue working on essays; feedback provided.  Review tips for completing the Common Application

Cost:  $479   

Provided by:  Ferah Aziz, College Coach with launchphase2 LLC
and Carol Jones, Editor & Author of Toward College Success

Contact Ferah to register at 720-340-8111 or email:

9th-12th Graders:   Discover & Explore Your Career Options!

Did you know that 33% of students changes their college majors at least once? It is no wonder that only 36% graduate from college within four years, and that 60% of students take six years to graduate, which increases the costs of college attendance.* This boot camp will help your student discover major/careers of interest to hit the ground running during high school and college.   

What:  Identify Career Aptitudes, Strengths & Career Matches and Receive Guidance in Planning Courses.
When:  Monday August 6th – Thursday August 9th           Time:  1:30 – 3:30

Day 1:  YouScience Aptitude and Interest Assessment
Day 2:  Who You Are MATTERS! Game for Career and Life Clarification
Day 3:  Debrief of YouScience Results and Game Outcomes
Day 4:  Identify Top Career Interests, High School and Post-High School Courses
Cost:  $387   

Provided by:  Ruth Beauchamp, Oranda Career Development Coach

Contact Ruth to register at 970.658.9903 (c) or email:


Space is Limited!  Register Today!

12th Graders - Sign up for both boot camps for $775 - a 10% discount!

Boot Camps held at:  402 East Oak Street, Fort Collins, CO in the offices of launchphase2

* Sources: (Data Point, US Dept. of Education, Dec. 2017)(NCES/NYT, 2014)(NCES, 2016)



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