Game for Families to Build Bonds and Social Emotional Literacy

If you are looking for a playful way to engage children in social emotional literacy - how to name and manage their feelings, look no further!

Get one for yourself, for a friend and an organization that supports the well-being of our kiddos!

Thank you Heather Criswell for your dedication to building strong families.

This is a TRUE GIFT for families and caregivers to learn about and from each other.

One of the most important tools we can share with our kiddos is to name and understand their feelings. 

With this self-knowledge we build the blocks for self-management and self-regulation which are directly linked to success in LIFE and EDUCATION and WORK.

How to Play:
1) Shake Box and Pick Letter
2) Match Letter to Word in Book
3) Follow Prompts for Personal Connections
Example words: achievement, angry, brave, bullying.
Total of 52 words to expand social-emotional literacy.
Please click here and buy from her directly!

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  • Thank you so much for sharing the love with the world! I so appreciate your kind words and continued support to remind us all that we are WiseInside. <3

    Heather Criswell

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